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The Teething Box

The Teething Box

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Say goodbye to teething troubles and hello to smiles with our incredible Teething Box!

Inside, you'll find all the essentials to turn those frowns upside down and bring comfort to your little one:

šŸ¦· 3 Teething Tubes (Multicolor): Not just soothing, but visually stimulating too! Your baby will love exploring the rainbow of colors while easing their sore gums.

šŸ§ 1 Penguin Teether (Gray): Meet your baby's new best friend! This adorable penguin is here to save the day with its gentle texture and comforting chewiness.

šŸ“ 1 Food Ring Teether: Teething meets mealtime magic! Introduce solids in the most delightful way possible ā€“ with frozen fruit in the food ring teether! It's a win-win for soothing gums and introducing tasty treats. Includes all 3 nipple sizes (S, M, L).

šŸ“± 1 Remote Teether: Who knew a remote could be so much fun? This teether isn't just for chewing ā€“ it's a hands-on adventure for your little explorer!

šŸŖ„ 1 Toothbrush: Start your baby's dental journey right with our toothbrush! Even before those pearly whites arrive, it's never too early to get into good brushing habits.

And here's the cherry on top: Everything in the box is not just for teething ā€“ it's a secret weapon for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination too! Your baby will be reaching new milestones while they chew away.

Oh, and don't forget our pro tip: Use the food ring teether to introduce solids! Frozen fruit adds a burst of flavor and keeps those pesky teeth calm and cool.

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